Commodities & Staple Crops

Starchy and protein rich vegetables and beans, citrus fruits and crops, oil & dry seeds, cereal grains and nuts, stems, pulses and palms.

All types of conventional, organic, and non-GMO commodities produced for human and animal consumption including white refined Sugar, coffee and vanilla beans, cocoa, stevia, rice, agave, cotton, flax, maize/corn, millet, oat, flour, paddy, rye, wheat, quinoa, fiber, barley, lentil, buckwheat, honey, coconut oil and powder, sorghum, green beans, chickpeas, garbanzo, soybean, yam, potato, bananas, coconut, sugarcane and sugar cane, corn syrup, oranges, raspberry, avocado, blueberry, strawberry, guava, jackfruit, almond, chestnut, macadamia, pistachio, pecan, hazelnut, canola, peanuts, sunflower, raisins, oil seeds, and most types of stems, pulses and palms and all type of edible agriculture seeds and agriculture production, development and maintenance equipment.