Agriculture Machinery
& Animal Feed

Sustainable agriculture and animal breeding machines, aquaculture equipment, fodder, forage and feed grain for animal feed.

All types of agriculture, animal husbandry, aquaculture equipment and medicinal plants that enhance human life. Variety of our product interests are: animal breeding and food production machines, processing and labeling machines, overhead and drip irrigation tools, lawn and garden mowers, crop planting and seeding equipment, hay and forage equipment, plant harvesting equipment precision agriculture technology, cutters and shredders, raking and handling equipment an hay balers, soy bean meal, total mixed rations, sprouted grains and legumes, whole, cracked and rolled grains, animal nutrition chelates, compressed and pelleted feeds, hay, straw, silage, mash and crumbles, soybean oil mill, chicken scratch and mixes of proteins, mineral, vitamin and grain supplements.