Clinic Tools &
Medical Supplies

Diagnosis, monitoring, life support, dialysis, blood pressure and diabetes measurement tools, and surgical and dental tools.

All types of equipment that is designed to aid human health conditions including, medical imaging machines, bioprinters, PET and CT Scanners, medical state measurements , vital sign monitoring systems, medical ventilators, incubators, anesthetic machines, heart-lung machines, infusion pumps, laser and LASIK surgical machines, medical laboratory equipment, blood, urine, genes analyze machines, surgical instruments, ultra sound, MRI and X-Ray machines, tongue depressors, medical thermometers, disposable gloves, health hazard safety equipment, advanced medical computers, medical testing implants, graspers, clamps. Retractors, machinal cutters, dilators tube, dental testing and instruments and treatments, air drills and air compressors, optical, electronic, and mechanical equipment and health hazard and waste management tools.