& Herbal Medicine

Immune systems, biopharmaceuticals, Over the Counter (OTC) and prescription drugs, complementary and alternative medicines.

Most types of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCP), plant-derived and herbal medicine, recombinant proteins, reflux suppressants, diet and natural health supplements, pain killers, reproductive, urinary and immune systems, nutrition, and metabolic and anabolic drugs. Variety of our product interests include: botanical, herbal remedies, cancer, diabetes, asthma, end stage renal disease medicine, essential oils, herbal and plant extracts and medical systems, antibacterial, wound healing, aromatherapy, DNA barcoding, pro and anti-oxidants, minerals, biochemical, alkaloids and electrolytes, blood, gene and cell therapy products, laxatives and antidiarrheal, cardiac glycosides, culinary herbs, immune modulators, neoplastic disorders, sex hormones, disinfectants, antibiotics, movement and musculo-skeletal disorders medicines.